[Pharo-dev] Xtreams in Pharo 3

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at stfx.eu
Mon Nov 18 15:53:00 EST 2013


This evening I tried to load Nicolas Cellier’s Xtreams (http://www.squeaksource.com/Xtreams/) into Pharo #30582. This went almost flawless !

I went for

  ConfigurationOfXtreams project bleedingEdge load.

which loaded

  a MetacelloFetchingMCSpecLoader(linear load : 
	linear load : 1.3-baseline [ConfigurationOfXtreams]
		load : Xtreams-Support-nice.11
		load : Xtreams-Core-nice.20
		load : Xtreams-Terminals-nice.31
		load : Xtreams-Transforms-nice.23
		load : Xtreams-Substreams-nice.19
		load : Xtreams-CoreTests-nice.20
		load : Xtreams-TerminalsTests-nice.17
		load : Xtreams-TransformsTests-nice.14
		load : Xtreams-SubstreamsTests-nice.13
		load : Xtreams-Parsing-cwp.6
		load : Xtreams-ParsingTests-cwp.5
		load : Xtreams-TerminalsFileSystem-nice.3
		load : Xtreams-TerminalsFileSystemTests-nice.2)

There is one Undeclared in XTReadStream>>#detect: (NotFoundError should be NotFound in Pharo).

Unit tests passed, except for the PEGParser related ones, most probably because Opal optimises #timesRepeat: which is overridden in PEGInfinity, I am not sure how this should be fixed, maybe with an Opal compiler directive somewhere ?

Running the tests resulted in some external semaphore warnings in the Transcript.

I also loaded Nicolas’ new #legacy layer (Xtreams-LegacyStreamAPI-nice.1), I’ll have to study that, it sure looks interesting.

In any case: great work, thanks Nicolas !


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