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phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Sun Nov 17 14:02:26 EST 2013

Never mind about the popup as I can configure that on my own.

Now, it is modeled after OSX spotlight which happens to be in the top right
of the screen, but no other reason.

Windows 8 gives us a search panel showing on the side.

In Eclipse, it shows as a popup

But really the width of the list is the key pain with the current spotlight
for me.


On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Benjamin <
Benjamin.VanRyseghem.Pharo at gmail.com> wrote:

> we can give a try, but I try to reduce the number of popups as much as I
> can
> since it only confuses the user for often very few benefits
> Ben
> On 17 Nov 2013, at 18:14, phil at highoctane.be wrote:
> Some things about old/new spotlight
> - the width of the completions rectangle should be configurable as I often
> find myself looking at messages that are too long and get cut at the end,
> while what matters is what is at the end. I looked at the code and found
> that changing the size of the spotlight morph to be easy, but not so for
> the completion list which seems to be buried down somewhere in ECCompletion.
> - there is no way to find numerical functions like sin exp... which is a
> pain. I guess that's due to the 3 letters required before a search.
> Now, about the location, why do we need that on the top right?
> I'd love to have the morph open in the middle of the screen, where I am
> looking anyway, and not on the top right.
> A bit like how Launchy works. http://www.launchy.net/
> Phil
> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 1:35 PM, Camillo Bruni <camillobruni at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On 2013-11-17, at 13:24, Benjamin <benjamin.vanryseghem.pharo at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > You need first this magic invocation
>> >
>> > GlobalMenuBar current
>> >       openInWorld;
>> >       beSticky.
>> >
>> > Then it will be in the top right corner.
>> > Note: there is s far no hotkey to get the focus.
>> > Note2: it is probably buggy since it has not been updated to the new
>> Spec3
>> I can confirm the last part, though looks like the way to go!
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