[Pharo-dev] Critics Browser - behaviour with extensions

btc at openinworld.com btc at openinworld.com
Sat Nov 16 11:20:03 EST 2013

I thought for my first use of Critics Browser I would try it out on 
PharoLauncher project.  I am not familiar with the expected behaviour 
some I wanted to clarify something related to extensions before opening 
a Case.

Running Critics Browser restricted to packages PharoLauncher-Core 
(BenComan.12) & PharoLauncher-Spec (DamienCassou.11)
I get:
    Coding Idiom Violation > Sends "questionable" message
for method
but actually that method is not part of either of the two PharoLauncher 
packages selected above. 

However PharoLauncher-Spec does define an extension method 
SettingTreeBuilder>>pharoLauncherSettings.  It seems this causes the 
whole SettingTreeBuilder class to be processed. Whereas I would have 
thought that only the single #pharoLauncherSettings method of 
SettingTreeBuilder should be processed, not the whole class.  Renaming 
the protocol of SettingTreeBuilder>>pharoLauncherSettings from 
*pharoLauncher-Spec to *xx causes the Critic to go away.

What is the expected behaviour?

cheers -ben

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