[Pharo-dev] A thought about backporting

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Fri Nov 15 08:26:40 EST 2013

btc wrote:
>OMG! I only just noticed on the "RELEASE" page [1] the linked file "Pharo2.0-win.zip" [3] >has a last-modified-date of 2013-11-13.  What crack [2] are you smoking?  A "released" >file with a name like "Pharo2.0-win.zip" should NEVER change its contents.  NEVER!  It >SHOULD always remain the same - always - to the end of time! Backports are really >important but they should be labelled as a new version "release" or just as "latest" if >regularly uploaded from the CI.

No. Releases on the website are for humans, not for automation. They should work and have all the latest backported bugfixes. Fixed versions for automation and sysadmins  have build numbers. We have this covered with files.pharo.org

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