[Pharo-dev] Spec new release :)

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Nov 14 06:04:25 EST 2013


I would love that you spend all your energy in doing something else…than arguing for arguing 
So I created a filter that will kill any mail containing markdown.
Because I'm doing pharo for positive energy not endless arguing.


>> I want really nice font so this is not really related to athens and was confused. 
>>> We already have a prototype implementation with Markdown using the existing text model. Worked already fine, so that should be 1 afternoon of work to get the pier syntax running in the current image.
>> Where it is? that we add it to our todo?
>> because having a real domain model (which we have) is the way to go. I do not want to hack stuff.
>> Now we ***HAVE*** a fully working pier parser and creating domain and we ARE enhancing it already.  
> Igor did it 2 years ago.

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