[Pharo-dev] Spec new release :)

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Nov 13 20:37:08 EST 2013

>> Is it because this is not in Pharo that this is better? May be this is a new trend?
> It’s because Sven ask me to point him the PEG grammar I saw for markdown.

> And I think that Pier could benefit from a md parser

may be
to do what? so that people can edit file with pier using mardown? in addition to the pier syntax?
May be but I do not have time for that. Now if somebody needs that the pier code is MIT.

>> Now if you have the time, you can write a pier exporter and everybody will be happy
>> but I will not code in lua nor haskell nor ruby nor PHP.
>> Personally I prefer to focus on the real parts: writing good books
>> Stef

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