[Pharo-dev] Spec new release :)

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Nov 13 20:21:06 EST 2013

>>> It would be completely silly to have class comments in MD (no matter how cool this would be) _and_ *not* be able to have Nautilus parse/render them, with active links, etc…
>> With Athens inside the image we will use the pier parser to generate a document tree and render it inside the image. 
>> Now one step at a time. 
>>>> There are some PEG grammar for markdown, maybe it could be reused so PP can parse it :)
>>>> then one could generate Pier format out of markdown :)
>> What most of you do not get is that. But I do not care about Pier format. I care about a REAL solution that can produce a REAL document tree AND that ***I*** can edit and maintain and enhance so that I can create books.
> So why not extending markdown then ?

repeat after me:
	- we have a working parser + model that works and we produce books with it since YEARS!
	- do you want to hack in haskell or whatever language - not me :)
	- what is the value of an extended markdown if it is not supported by git tools = the same as pier syntax 
	- we have a cool emacs mode for pier with big fonts for sections and all the rest.
	- we have a pier cms with pier syntax, so if we want we can even write directly on the web.
	Lukas and me wrote the seaside book like that after latex and XML.
	- we have a latex exporter for pier domain
	- we have a html exporter for pier domain
	- we have nice visitors
so why should I hack a non standard under specified language without a decent debugger in 
a language that I do not want to learn?

	I prefer to concentrate on writing books and coding more important things.

Now if you want you can try your own way and create a pier exporter so that your documentation find its way 
in our books. But I will not do it.


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