[Pharo-dev] Issue with last line / line ending between FileTree and other repositoroes

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Wed Nov 13 04:09:21 EST 2013

Hi Mariano,

it is probably a bug in the way the changes are computed: in MC usually, 
if the timestamp of a method changes, then this is a change, even if the 
source code are exactly the same... No need to search for a missing end 
of line character :).

I have been pushing for integration of a fix, but I have to check, 
depending on your version of Pharo, whether it was integrated or not 
(the fix is less obvious than I thought at first because it plays with a 
MCDefinition instance cache and may break tests).

Try to look for MCMethodDefinition>>= and see there if the test check 
for timestamp equality before testing for source equality.


Le 12/11/2013 21:09, Mariano Martinez Peck a écrit :
> Hi Dale,
> During Smalltalks, you helped me to start loading my code into GemStone.
> For that, we created a temp FileTree repository so that we could easily
> edit/save and retry the load. That saved us modifying the code
> elsewhere, commit, load again etc... Cool!
> But now I have a problem... I am trying to merge from filetree to my
> original repo. And when I do a diff (Monticello "Changes"), ALL methods
> look like modified. FileTree either:
> - Removed last empty lines
> - Changed the last dot of the last line.
> - Removed last space of the last line
> So...in summary, it is like if it has changed always the very last
> character (whether it is a space, a dot or an empty line). Maybe this is
> related to crlf I don't know. But it is a pain because it looks like I
> am committing 5k changes! hahaha and I cannot easily see what I have
> really changed.
> Is this a known problem? Any workaround?
> I will send you by private email some screenshots.
> Thanks!
> --
> Mariano
> http://marianopeck.wordpress.com

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