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Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Nov 11 15:03:37 EST 2013

HI guys

with ronie we were looking at how we can remove update: methods ( fun story) and we found

update: aSymbol
	"Update the image if changed."
	super update: aSymbol.
	aSymbol = self getImageSelector ifTrue: [
		self updateImage]

and here we see that a static 

	self announcer when: #jkhjkh send: #updateImage to: self 

does not work

so we thought that we can change

getImageSelector: anObject

	getImageSelector := anObject


getImageSelector: anObject

	getImageSelector := anObject.
	self announcer when: anObject send: #updateImage to: self 

but this is not nice because we should clean before.
Now the problem (and I would like to get your point of viee) is that announcer only define 
unregister: anObject and the granularity is too large because we do not want to lose all the other resgitrations we did.

Tx for your anwsers


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