[Pharo-dev] Large difference in image size when loading configuration

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Mon Nov 11 04:39:31 EST 2013

I am experiencing the following while loading my configuration.

./pharo Pharo.image config $REPO ConfigurationOfHOWebStack --install=0.4

Everything loads fine.


with a package-cache/ empty, the final image is: 44.452.060 with a changes
file of: 10.831.877

with a primed package-cache (meaning, letting the mczs in place and
starting with a fresh image), the final image is: 29.480.912 with a changes
file of: 10.830.899

That's quite a huge difference.

I tried again to be sure (fresh image and empty package-cache, then fresh
image only) and, weirdly enough, even if the difference in size was the
same, the sizes themselves weren't.the same...

44.446.152 - 10.830.899
29.986.284 - 10.831.543

Maybe that's due to a GC occurring differently between the two.

But this gives the impression that one cannot load a base image, apply a
configuration, and end up with the same image twice. Weird.

Why is this difference so large in the first place ?

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