[Pharo-dev] Updating ConfigurationOfMagritte3

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Nov 9 06:19:55 EST 2013

On Nov 8, 2013, at 3:42 PM, Norbert Hartl <norbert at hartl.name> wrote:

> Since Lukas’ server went down we can see a lot of problems in the configuration. I was loading VoyageMongo from the configuration browser but it does not work because the repos still point to Lukas’ server.
> The ConfigurationOfMagritte3 is loaded from the MetacelloRepository. So probably it is best to update the Configuration in the MetacelloRepository from the one in http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/Magritte/Magritte3/main 


> I don’t know if the config in http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/Magritte/Magritte3/main is considered stable.

I hope

> I changed the magritte3 url in ConfigurationOfVoyageMongo and was able to load it.
> Any thoughts,
> Norbert

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