[Pharo-dev] Parsing expressions and Opal

Gisela Decuzzi giseladecuzzi at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 16:12:47 EST 2013

Hello, we were working on the issue 10983 plus smart suggestion, specially
for a class definition.
In a moment I need to parse a class definition, I treat as the normal case:
root := OpalCompiler new
 source: context code;
useFaultyForParsing: true;
And as a result we obtain a Method Node, browsing the code we saw that Opal
can parse code as an expresion, but instead it is treating the code as
method because of: "self compilationContext noPattern" is false, when we
changed the boolean to true we obtain a return node for the class
definition and everything got messy.

Can someone help us to use Opal in the right way?
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