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On Wednesday, November 6, 2013, wrote:

> roberto.minelli at usi.ch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to hear an opinion from you. I need to organize a 3-day
>> project with high-school students. In short they will come to our
>> University and I am the responsible to guide them to do “something” to
>> introduce them to programming.
>> The assumption is that they have zero background about programming. In
>> this mailing list I’ve read a couple of previous discussions about how to
>> start to use Pharo and ST for educational purposes, but I’d love to collect
>> additional opinions.
>> Visual programming is one of the thing that came to my mind. I though
>> about Phratch. Michele suggested me to look also at Etoys (squeakland.org)
>> and I will start to look at thesee two tools in the next days.
>> Any opinion, proposal, tool, article, suggestion, hint on the topic is
>> really welcome.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Roberto
> Three days is not long if they are starting from zero.  See if you can
> prime them by getting them to first play the game Kodable on the iPad,
> before they get there.  Then you'll have more impact.  I have my young kids
> playing it and its worth trying it out yourself.
> cheers -ben

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