[Pharo-dev] [Edu] 3-day project with high school students

roberto.minelli at usi.ch roberto.minelli at usi.ch
Wed Nov 6 06:37:34 EST 2013


I would like to hear an opinion from you. I need to organize a 3-day project with high-school students. In short they will come to our University and I am the responsible to guide them to do “something” to introduce them to programming.

The assumption is that they have zero background about programming. In this mailing list I’ve read a couple of previous discussions about how to start to use Pharo and ST for educational purposes, but I’d love to collect additional opinions.

Visual programming is one of the thing that came to my mind. I though about Phratch. Michele suggested me to look also at Etoys (squeakland.org) and I will start to look at thesee two tools in the next days.

Any opinion, proposal, tool, article, suggestion, hint on the topic is really welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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