[Pharo-dev] Writing jpeg files to disk

Usman Bhatti usman.bhatti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 05:34:45 EST 2013


Due to the changes in Pharo 3.0, I cannot write jpeg files on the disk.
This happens because when writing a jpeg file, we delete any precedent
version of the file to be exported. However, now DiskStore>>delete: throws
an exception when the file to be deleted is not present

delete: path
| pathString encodedPathString |
 (self exists: path)
ifFalse: [ ^ FileDoesNotExist signalWith: path ].

Hence, we need to fix PluginBasedJPEGReadWriter>>putForm: quality:
progressiveJPEG: onFileNamed:  to not delete files not present.

To reproduce the problem:
Display writeJPEGfileNamed: 'display.jpeg' progressive: true

If confirmed, I'll open a bug report and propose a slice because correction
is quite simple ;)

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