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On 2013-11-04, at 07:00, seaside at rmod.lille.inria.fr wrote:

> Hi! We're sending this automatic email twice a month, to give the community an opportunity to easily know what's happening and to coordinate efforts.  Just answer informally, and feel free to spawn discussions thereafter!
> ### Here's what I've been up to since the last WhatsUp:

Automatic Issue Validation:
stable release ahead, 1 failing test left (only under headless linux):
- fancy twitter bootstrap based reports
- simplified command line reporter
- exceptions are reported with stack traces
- merge conflicts are listed in detail with a diff
- lint rules are shown with their descriptions and the list of problematic elements (methods / classes)
- test failures still need some more love (missing stack trace for example)

To make the issue validation work, we have to run blocks in a separate image. For instance to load a slice, we do not want to pollute the main image, since we cannot guarantee anything. The ImageWorker takes care of this and spawns a new image with OSProcess:
	ImageWorker do: [ ... ]

Additionally, if an error happens in the remote image, the error is passed back to the main image and resignaled locally:

	ImageWorker do: [ 1/0 ]

This allows for a very natural interaction, as the remotely evaluated blocks behave almost like local ones.
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