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GOUBIER Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Sun Nov 3 05:41:25 EST 2013

This is where you use GitFileTree.

GitFileTree will do you the commit, browsing the git logs and accessing all versions of your package in the git repo (browsing, loading, changes with the same GUI and look as a smalltalkhub repo). It won't do the push, however(*). It will show you the current branch in the repo too (**).

For pharo3, GitFileTree is available with:

$ pharo Pharo.image eval --save Gofer new url: \'http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/ThierryGoubier/MonticelloFileTree-Git/main\'\; package: \'MonticelloFileTree-Git\'\; load

For pharo2, there is a group named 'MonticelloFileTree-Git' in FileTree configuration.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or suggestions on it!


(*) It would be easy to do commit + push in one go, but, I'm not sure I'd like to do a push each time I do a commit. I tend to prefer a push a day. Maybe something like a marker in the repository inspector to remind me I have something to push?
(**) It doesn't change branches, and there is no support for branches in Monticello... This tend to trigger bugs in MC package cache.

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Thank you for your efforts , I have installed filetree using the instructions provided in the github pages for pharo 3. I was also successful into generating the local files for my packages that I have inserted to my git folder. I can manually git commit and git push them from terminal but how I do this from inside Monticello-Filetree ?

On Sun, Nov 3, 2013 at 9:53 AM, GOUBIER Thierry <thierry.goubier at cea.fr<mailto:thierry.goubier at cea.fr>> wrote:

I've used github and work_owned git repositories as primary workplaces for more than a year. First with FileTree, then I wrote GitFileTree to make that process simpler.

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So any information on how Pharo can be used with Github ?

all I have is this


I dont need much, just basic git pull, push, clone, add and rm should do fine for starter.

But of course I am interesting into learning what can be done, what is available , who needs help with what.  Github is something really important for me, so I am willing to contribute as much I can into bringing Pharo closer to it.

My interest is using Github in place of smalltalkhub and squeaksource. I was planning to implement something like an App Store (not the purchase  system) for Pharo  libraries and I would love to use github as a backend to it and git of course.

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