[Pharo-dev] SmalltalkHub changes

Nicolas Petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 11:28:59 EST 2013


Here's the list of changes for this release:

- faster loading by serving pre-compiled css files
- fix for adding team members
- Commit hooks are now fully working and configurable in the project
  settings page
- Fix for the timeline events in the user's homepage
- Better diffs (it seems to still have issues)

Some words about the new infrastructure:

- Smalltalkhub is now hosted by Inria
- The DB is backed up daily
- SmalltalkHub is now monitored and automatically restarted whenever
  something wrong happens (with a crazy monkey that could kill the
  process randomly during RMoD's office hours)
- Monitoring emails are now sent to RMoD


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