[Pharo-dev] rackincloude seaside hosting

mikefilonov mikefilonov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 05:57:55 EDT 2013

Hi Max,
That’s great you found this project that cool, thank you :)

Rackincloud.com is actually my personal project that I developed to host
several pharo/seaside applications (well, not only seaside though: redmine,
svn too, and several others are planned). As I did not find any similar
suitable solution and I have some experience in hosting/appliances, I
decided to create a simple platform for easy management of several instances
of pharo/smalltalk via Web interface. Seems it really worked out :)

I developed a Pharo-appliance which is basically a Linux ISO-image that runs
Pharo and VNC server. The appliance incorporates pharo-vm, pharo-image and
all necessary utilities/libraries in one ready-to-use package, which allows
to install server on a virtualization platform in "one click". The result is
very similar to "Smalltalk OS" idea: you boot and you see pure pharo
environment :)

Well, I thought that this project might be interesting to smalltalk/pharo
community (as the process of running a new instance of Pharo is extremely
easy with rackincloud.com) and I decided to make it public. So here the
short video of how to run pharo (sorry about the musicJ)

What about costs, at the moment it is $15/month for Pharo appliance. This
includes: 512Mb of RAM, 5Gb of HDD, unlimited traffic. For hosting large
files there is a "Fileserver Appliance" that is basically an apache server
configured to serve files from public directory. It is managed by ajaxplorer
web interface.

In general for now there is only 4 appliances ready for my platform, but I
can package any linux software as appliance in case of such need.

So, I hope you'll enjoy working with rack in cloud, but keep in mind that it
is its first run, and I REALY look forward to receiving any feedback.

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