[Pharo-dev] Responsible development

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Dec 2 11:47:01 EST 2013

> Yes, so time was spent to make Nautilus. It could be spent to work on concurrency.

Concurrency is not magic. You have a strange belief. Pharo has nearly the same model than Java or any language with semaphore, and others
basic concurrency constructs. 
Concurrency is not the panacea. It implies duplication or synchronisation points. 
What you are calling concurrency is robust and isolated execution. This is not the same and it is difficult to achieve especially with an open-source
written in itself and reflective.

> Now it’s useless to discuss whether it’s good or not to go one way or the other.

No I give you chance to educate you and learn. I'm not spending time for the sake of arguing but I invest in you :)
Else I would not even reply.

> We can always find good and always find bad. Sorry for disturbing, I’m getting back to work to make Pharo better :)

I'm not satisfied to what we have but we have it. 

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