[Pharo-project] FS-Bug render Pharo 2.0 useless on Win (Issue 6531)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Sep 19 16:29:03 EDT 2012

Anyone with deeper knowledge on FS code able to  
have a look at issue 6531 - "Not possible to save one click 
image on Windows"


I found the original cause - it crashes since the code 
will open the changes file for a second time.
The reason is that FileStream(class)>>onHandle: 
will not really work on an existing handle - and instead
opens the file again. It's easy to debug (see the bug entry
what to evaluate in a workspace).

I'm not that familiar with the design and implementation 
of the new file system. To me it looks like it is not 
a bug but merely just unfinished in the transition from
new to old filesystem.

Maybe someone with better knowledge of the intentions 
of the new file system can help fixing it - and assure 
it works on all platforms afterwards. Thanks in advance!


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