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S Krish krishnamachari.sudhakar at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 00:18:27 EST 2012

In general why is there not a catch all for Stack Overflow and infinite

Thats very annoying for newbie.. and infact gives a bad feel to using
Pharo. The image they are working for say 3-4 hours and the crash just
pushes them out of all the code they are working on with.. small as it

Recover / and other options are fallbacks but invariably newbies have it
messed up and are not very clear on how to recover either .. thats a job
for the experienced user actually...

This occurs so often from all of the polling code.. and if anyone
unknowingly puts in a debug point in the methods that loop infinitely.. and
so many of them lurk all around the image..

Just stop the loop and throw up a debugger if say 100 calls have gone to
very same method..? or detect a clear loopback to the same method..

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Andrew P. Black <black at cs.pdx.edu> wrote:

> Teaching a class of novices, it's not surprising that someone tried
> "Collection new".  What was surprising is that this got the VM is a loop of
> some kind, with emergency stack dumps and so on.
> Here is my reply:
> > On 30 Jan 2012, at 01:18 , Xingzhi Harry Pan wrote:
> >
> >> ...it's pretty innocent:
> >> Collection new
> >
> >
> > OK. I looked at this.  The problem comes when trying to print the
> collection.  Somehow the VM gets confused when trying to do do: ... I'm not
> quite clear why.
> >
> > The quick fix is to change the Collection>>new method to
> >
> >       self error: 'Collection is an abstract class, and cannot be
> instantiated'
> >
> > However this will break Heap>>new: , which sends super new.  It ought to
> send self basicNew instead.
> >
> > These two changes seem to avoid the problem, but I'm waiting to see ...
> >
> >       Andrew
> But I don't understand the root cause.  Printing eventually sends do:,
> which is self subclassResponsibility.  Why don't we get a clean failure?
>        Andrew
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