[Pharo-project] How to disable development tools on Pharo 1.3

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 11:21:20 EST 2012

Some stuff I recover form Esteban and some old code:

    Smalltalk cleanUp: true.
    ScriptLoader new cleanUpForDesktopProduction.

    "This is same as cleanUpForProduction, but it does not remove DejaVu

        checkChangesFileAvailability: false;
        checkSourcesFileAvailability: false.

"No user-interrupt-into-debugger"
UserInterruptHandler cmdDotEnabled: false.
"turn off shift-click editing"
StringMorph editableStringMorph: false.
"No halos, etc."
Morph cmdGesturesEnabled: false.
 "No user commands invokable via cmd-key combos in text editor"
ParagraphEditor cmdKeysInText: false.
Editor cmdKeysInText: false.

And then if you have a morphic app:

prepareMorph: aMorph
    World color: Color lightGray lighter lighter.
    World removeAllMorphs.
    World layoutPolicy: ProportionalLayout new.
        addMorph: aMorph
        fullFrame: (LayoutFrame fractions: (0 at 0 corner: 1 at 1)).
    aMorph bounds: World bounds.
    aMorph sticky: true

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Noury Bouraqadi <bouraqadi at gmail.com>wrote:

> I remember having seen some time in the past a menu that allows to shrink
> the image and disable the world menu.
> But, I can't retrieve any thing related.
> I don't care about the menu per se. I'd be happy with a message to send to
> some object that does the job.
> Noury
> --
> http://twitter.com/#!/NouryBouraqadi
> http://www.kroobe.com/profile/noury
> Afin de contribuer au respect de l'environnement,
> merci de n'imprimer ce courriel qu'en cas de necessite
> Please consider the environment before you print

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