[Pharo-project] **Important** Pharo Conference Call for Date Feedback

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Jan 30 09:18:04 EST 2012

Hi guys

We want to organize a Pharo Conference @ lille around business and companies in May/June 2012. Now we need you to understand what is the best to organize because we have some constraints (like not good access to rooms on saturday).

Could you reply to the following questions:

	Are you planning to attend: 	Yes No

	Would you attend two days:	Yes No

	Would you like to present something: 	Yes No

	Would you prefer to have (remove the one you do not like)
		- one friday and one saturday
		- two days during the week would be not a problem.

	Would you like to have 
		Handons: 	Yes No
		Business/Experience returns: Yes No

What are the following dates that are ok for you?
	Frid 11- Satur 12 May 2012: 	Yes No
	Thur 10- Frid 11 May 2012: 	Yes No

	Mond 14- Tuesd 15 May 2012: Yes No

	Tuesd 15- Wedn 16 May 2012: Yes No

	Thur 24 - Frid 25 May 2012: 	Yes No

	Frid 25- Satur 26 May 2012: 	Yes No


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