[Pharo-project] Morpheas , bringing Morphic to Opengl (3d GUIs)

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Jan 30 08:58:10 EST 2012

Hi Dimitris,

Your Ephestos sounds promising, can you post some screenshot as well or
is too early? Also, can you explain us Proteas and Orpheas ...

Best regards

S, dimitris chloupis piše:
> I have started my first project with Pharo (and hopefully Squeak too)
> called "Ephestos" . 
> http://www.squeaksource.com/ephestos.html
> Ephestos is divided into 3 areas/ elements / concepts : a) Morpheas b)
> Proteas c) Orpheas
> Morpheas is an effort to bring Morphic to OpenGL and to implement 3d
> guis , that can be designed in blender ( probably will implement a addon
> exporter too from blender to Pharo) and deployed in Pharo , minimising
> coding and maximising ease of use, since a 3d gui can be fairly complex
> to program. 
> The reason why I am posting here is for your help. I am very new to
> Pharo and smalltalk and Ephestos is an extremely ambitious project which
> I hope to be commited for at least the next 5-6 years which I plan to
> release version 1. 
> My first rule is of course , because the project is already very
> ambitious, "code reuse". I want to be informed what efforts there have
> been towards that direction . 
> Mr Stef published recently a great PDF document  titled "Pharo's Vision
> : Goals , Processes and Development effort" in it there is the following
> quote about Morphic
> "What have been done so far. Igor Stasenko did the following:
> • Designed and implemented a new canvas API and all the necessary
> abstractions
> to generate adequate code for different backends.
> • Deep integration to be able to inject frames into existing VMstructure
> (Igor
> can you confirmthis?)
> • Designed and implemented a new textMorph, paragraph and other classes.
> • Defined a default back-end.
> • Defined a Cairo back-end.
> • Defined an openGL back-end (using an OpenGL calling framework). "
> So I guess my question should be directed towards Igor, but maybe
> someone else also works in this. I am interested in any information
> about Morphic and OpenGL . I am also interested even on partial support
> of graphics engine like Irrlicht , Ogre and Open Cobalt.
> My main focuse is Nativeboost cause it appear to have a new enhance FFI,
> and of course the possibility of inline Assembly code.  
> Has anyone , advice , suggestions , ideas and hopefully some
> documentation I can use  ? 
> I am already studying both OpenGL and Nativeboost / NBOpenGL . 

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