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> > Marcus Denker IMHO is the only one, who is able to do a diff - diff -
> > (with his Moose tools) on VA, Pharo, Seaside Code to filter out a
> > adaption/portability layer between these Smalltalk and make future
ports of
> > packets an ease!?
> >
> > SPORT was a great start, why was it discontinued???
> >
> GPL?

See http://<http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/userblogs/ralph/blogView?searchCategory=Smalltalk>

Pharo Team is repeating things, that Pavel Krivanek began already in 2006.
Same Idea.

"Don't do just things right, do the right things!"

Means, the Pharo team has to invest into the port of Morphic to VS and VA
to set Morphic AND indirectly Pharo as NEW STANDARD GUI in the Smalltalk
community to enable programmers to start silently migrate complex
applications to Pharo GUI, finally getting rid of license cost.

There are lots of companies out there, who are paying hundreds of thousands
each year for VA, VS licenses .... which better could be invested into
Pharo +  Morphic as Standard Smalltalk GUI AND COG VM or Lessers GVM.

If the Roadmap is clear, the money is there. Always! Rule of market!

Do the right things, not only things right!!!!!

regards, Guido Stepken
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