[Pharo-project] Enthousiasm is the main currency among developers

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 05:46:02 EST 2012

2012/1/27 Nicolas Cellier <nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com>:
> 2012/1/27 dimitris chloupis <thekilon at yahoo.co.uk>:
>> This article is really encapsulates the attitude and what is wrong with
>> programming in general. The attitude of superiority and intelligence that
>> seems to plague coders and being the biggest obstacle to progress. And what
>> biggest proof of lack of progress than the fact that Lips is probably the
>> very best that programming languages have to offer. 40 year old technology,
>> how sad that is ? Actually if there is one thing thats driving the coding
>> community is lack of enthusiasm, is about sticking to what is already there
>> , is the fact of being "practical" and "realistic" about code in general.
>> How much progress we have seen the last 40 years ? Sure its alot , but what
>> happens if you take games out of it , how much hardware would have progress
>> ? How much software ? Very little.
> Sure arrogance and exclusion are not welcome, I wish no one feel
> intimidated in Smalltalk community.
> Smalltalk should remain a vector of learning.
> I wish intelligence were a plague, alas, I had the impression that
> miss-consideration of intelligence was :)
> But your words certainly did not mean that.
>> If you take out games that exercise a clear push to graphics and processing
>> power and complex data manipulation approaches , AI and many other things ,
>> the rest of software out there , if you remove some exceptions here and
>> there, is the same boring stuff which makes you wait for a year to add a
>> single feature you need with a dozen more you don't need.
>> Its not enthusiasm that drives coding, its money and profit.
> Is it only driving coding?
> Are our own profits just measured by money?
> Isn't there any such thing as a group profit?
>> Then we arrive at the open source phenomenon, which I agree its great and
>> amazing and where exciting stuff really happens. But even open has some
>> major issue to resolve. First is to anyone surprise is that all that open
>> source is rarely used and recycled, most open source projects seem to start
>> from scratch , rarely using source from other projects. And then of course
>> there is the big issue of licence , its open source, but its not really open
>> ... GPL as an example of  a licence driving open source back instead of
>> forward.
> But redoing is essential in human activities. That's how we learn. If
> we fail to redo, then we forget our parents knowledge, and finally
> loose the skills.
> Nicolas

I forgot one last thing, GPL does not prevent to redo, it prevents
form preventing to redo :)


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