[Pharo-project] [Event related] [Unix] Input event Sensor key decoding

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 15:59:27 EST 2012


I was looking why alt and ctrl keys behave the same in unix, jeje, so I
looked at the vm and everything seemed to be alright, but in the image I
always had *Cmd+a key* when doing *alt+akey* :S.  And this is pretty
annoying since it limits the ammount of shortcuts I can work with, and I
also make things work different than the rest of the OS.

So, searching I found a *KeyDecodeTable *in InputEventSensor, which was
built with this method:

installDuplicateKeyEntryFor: c
    | key |
    key := c asInteger.
    "first do control->alt key"
    KeyDecodeTable at: { key bitAnd: 16r9F . 2 } put: { key . 8 }.
    "then alt->alt key"
    KeyDecodeTable at: { key . 8 } put: { key . 8 }

So, every character keypress that had a 2 as a modifier (a control)  is
converted as a command in here:

processEvent: evt
    "Process a single event. This method is run at high priority."
    | type |

    type := evt at: 1.

    "Treat menu events first"
    type = EventTypeMenu
        ifTrue: [
            self processMenuEvent: evt.

    "Tackle mouse events first"
    type = EventTypeMouse
        ifTrue: [
            "Transmogrify the button state according to the platform's
button map definition"
            evt at: 5 put: (ButtonDecodeTable at: (evt at: 5) + 1).
            "Map the mouse buttons depending on modifiers"
            evt at: 5 put: (self mapButtons: (evt at: 5) modifiers: (evt
at: 6)).

            "Update state for polling calls"
            mousePosition := (evt at: 3) @ (evt at: 4).
            modifiers := evt at: 6.
            mouseButtons := evt at: 5.


    "Finally keyboard"
    type = EventTypeKeyboard
        ifTrue: [
*            "Sswap ctrl/alt keys if neeeded"
                at: {evt at: 3. evt at: 5}
                ifPresent: [:a |
                        at: 3 put: a first;
                        at: 5 put: a second].
            "Update state for polling calls"
            modifiers := evt at: 5.

    "Handle all events other than Keyborad or Mouse."

Now, I think this hack is there to allow the same behavior cross platform,
but it is very ugly :(  And bring a lot of UI limitations to the people who
only have alt and ctrl and no Cmd button :P...  Ok, removing this ugly code
made my shortcuts work now with only with alt (cmd to the vm) and not with
control, hehe, but I think that to fix things we have to clean them first

Does anyone know the reason of the existance of this table (besides cross
platform hacking)?  Is this really useful?  Can it be removed?  Do I open a

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