[Pharo-project] [update 1.4] #14289

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Jan 21 15:16:47 EST 2012


- Issue 5201:	Fix PluggableIconicListMorph to be able to wrap with any morph. Thanks Benjamin van Ryseghem.
- Issue 5203:	Respect required packages for changes. Thanks Camillo Bruni. 
- Issue 5205:	CompiledMethod >> #browse should open a browser on the installed method not the CompiledMethod class. Thanks Camillo Bruni. 
-  Issue 5192:	0 is not a power of two. Thanks Henrik Johansen.
	-Fixes 0 isPowerOfTwo
- Introduces DomainError for Integer >> larger/smallerPowerOfTwo when receiver is invalid.
- Implements *PowerOfTwo protocol for Fractions.
- Updated tests and added missing ones
- DomainErrors now come with a default messageText, and a class comment explaining when to specify your own

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