[Pharo-project] Which COG VM?

Andrew P. Black black at cs.pdx.edu
Fri Jan 20 10:16:05 EST 2012

The latest COG VM, pointed to from  the Pharo-project download page, CogVM-*-13307.zip, seems to be a little unstable.  Many students have been reporting that it just hangs while doing nothing more than editing (not saving) text, and I have seen long hangs while doing trivial things — these look to me like synchronization bugs.

The COG that I used about a year ago (Jann–March 2011 timeframe), in contrast, seemed rock solid, although it might have been slower.

I have two questions.  First, where can I find an archive of PRE_BUILT VMs.  I don't want to give my students (or myself) the task of building a VM from scratch.   

Second, how can I find out what version of COG I'm running?  SmalltalkImage current versionLabel doesn't work.   SmalltalkImage current buildDate gives me a date, but how does that relate to the version numbers that I see in on the COG web site?

Thanks.  I want my students to have a good starting experience with Pharo, and they are not.  They are messing around trying to retrieve source from hosed images :-(


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