[Pharo-project] New IDE alternative (was Misc. newbie questions)

Jimmie Houchin jlhouchin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 22:37:21 EST 2012

On 1/17/2012 2:57 PM, Frank Shearar wrote:
>   Emacs + SLIME = image-based, interactive development. As image-based
> as you'd like, at least. Eclipse + Cusp = image-based development:
> you're connecting to a running Common Lisp image, which you can
> snapshot and restore any time you like (just like choosing to work in
> a built image or in a persistent one). IDE and "living world" are
> orthogonal concerns.

Ok. I have no experience in this realm. It may be exactly as you say. 
But within the context of this discussion and this discussion occurring 
in a Smalltalk forum I want to bring up a common Smalltalk experience.

One thing that I dearly love in my Pharo environment is this.

I have multiple browser windows open with code I am viewing or editing.
I have one or more workspaces open with code and objects that I am 
experimenting with or exploring their values to learn.

I save my image, and open back up and all of that is there ready for me 
to continue. I can do this with the image on a flash drive, the local 
drive or on a network.

With this Emacs + SLIME can I do some thing similar?
Honest question, honest comparison? I suspect the answer, but I do not 
factually know it.

When I restore an Emacs+SLIME image. Do I have available the editing and 
the REPL (or workspace like element) exactly as I left it. Cursors in 
the original location. Workspace like elements with the objects 
available for exploration.

If as I suspect the answer is no. Then we are not exactly talking about 
the same things. Maybe similar or close, but not the same. However, I am 
happy to agree that LISPs are worlds ahead of most other languages in 
this regard.

For me this is one simple value of the IDE in the image and being one of 
the many live objects I am editing. One of the things that was seen as 
having no value in this discussion.

And as I stated, if the proposer sees no value in this. Fine, do what 
works for you.


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