[Pharo-project] New IDE alternative

Friedrich Dominicus frido at q-software-solutions.de
Wed Jan 18 11:13:10 EST 2012

Igor Stasenko <siguctua at gmail.com> writes:

> The editor in Pharo suits my needs pretty well.
> I do not use it for editing rich text , i use it for coding. 5 lines
> of code per method. Period.
Well for programming this is true, but even as programmer you type text
quite often. This e.g is written using Emacs. It can handle anything
which resembles text. Now do that with PharoEditor. Search for a
"simple" think as a news reader with a decent Editor in any software
written in Smalltal goo luck 
> No need for code folding, no need for sophisticated regex
> search/replace. No need bookmarks
> No need for (put your favorite).
> Just because it is there for coding in smalltalk. If you want an
> editor which can edit books, feel free to implement it.
Yes that's an easy escape isn't it. Do it yourself, you do not have
anything else to do. 
> I am using bicycle to get to work. It is comfortable, fast and
> reliable for daily use. Now what you would think about a guy on street
> who
> attempting to laugh at me because my bike don't have jet engine to
> travel to Earth's orbit?
Even you handle text and you do not use Pharo for that. So yes it's a
wonderful world of POT. 

It does not make sense to really pinpoint on the most weakest spots in
ones Universe. No you are right everything is fine and that what is not
fine, can be easily self-programmed. So make me an offer to implement a
decent Editor in Pharo with at least a somewhat useful Gui. Should be a
piece of cake shouldn't it? 

I will not stress you too much just something like Evolution yepp even
outlook firebird would suite my needs.

Now Smalltalk is now how old? And nothing like that even near
existence. Probably it's not that easy....

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