[Pharo-project] New IDE alternative (was Misc. newbie questions)

Andreas Wacknitz a.wacknitz at gmx.de
Sun Jan 15 07:20:45 EST 2012

Am 15.01.2012 um 12:11 schrieb Gerry Weaver:

> Hi Andreas,
> >you are always writing "Smalltalk IDE". Which Smalltalk variants do you know? Squeak and Pharo are not the only ones. There >are some others, some commercial and some free.
> >If you haven't any experiences with them yet you should at least have a look at them.
> I have looked at Squeak, Pharo, Dolphin, VisualWorks, and VA. I am generalizing, because they all have the things that I find problematic. I also looked at GNU, but I don't like the whole GNU license thing very much. The one that comes the closest to what I'm thinking about is something called Smalltalk XY (not Smalltalk/X), but it is no longer maintained. I am more than happy to learn. Are there any others I should check out?
None that I know of.

I am not comfortable with the idea to write parts of an application in different languages.
Typically the disadvantages overweigh the advantages to do so as you would have different languages and systems to master and update.
Interoperability with other systems and languages should be easy and Squeak/Pharo are still lacking in this area. This is well known and hopefully there will be some improvements in the future.

Planning to give up on parts like GUI is a bad idea in my opinion. Smalltalk would be even more niche than it is now. I want to be able to build complete applications without the
need to build parts in another language. Especially having the IDE in Smalltalk itself and thus being able to inspect and debug and modify everything is a big advantage over any IDE in a different language.
In the end one of the big difference between Smalltalk and most other languages is the living object world. It might be interesting to find new ways of having it (and thus leaving the image behind),
but what mainstream languages offer these days would be a step back.

All Smalltalk implementations have shortcomings in some areas. There are a multitude of reasons for it, be it commercially (greater estimated expenses than earnings from it) or just lack of
capacity. Smalltalk users are rare these days and the community is split because of different implementations and interests.
For me, Pharo is on a good way to take the Smalltalk language into a better ecosystem.  But for the moment Dolphin Smalltalk is my preferred system because it's relatively cheap and
has only few known bugs. In my eyes it deserves a bigger community and better commercial success. But I guess that's what every Smalltalker thinks about his preferred Smalltalk system...


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