[Pharo-project] Bug in pharo image

Garret Raziel boloomka at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 16:34:58 EST 2012

Hi, I think I found bug in pharo image. I would post it in bug tracker
but I don't know if it is not duplicate to this bug
If you create ConnectionQueue to listen to some port, send it message
"getConnectionOrNil" and there IS connection, debuger pops out with
"MessageNotUnderstood True>>isConnected". I searched through code and
obviously it is problem in ConnectionQueue>>listenLoop, that sends bad
message to socket (Socket>>waitForConnection:), that returns true or
false, not connection itself. It is works in squeak image.
Should I post it to bugtracker? Or am I wrong? And isn't it duplicate
to that link?


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