[Pharo-project] Design change possible with fast SSD's possible?

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Sat Jan 14 09:50:57 EST 2012

Slightly of topic: I won't be surprised if one actually come out with a
solution similar to L1, L2 etc caches in CPU vs.outside RAM. CPU cache
is namelly several times faster tham RAM. While mechanical disks were
several 1000 times slower than RAM. Until now when SSDs are aproaching
the speed of RAM.

Conclusion? Why RAM won't be just a L3 cache in a whole hiearchy of
caching from SSD up to CPU? Automatic, supported by OS or even hardware,
as CPU caches are? Then image wont be needed to be read to RAM and
snapshoted back to disk, it can be run directly from disk.


S, Max Leske piše:
> I'm no expert but I think it would make quite a difference to the VM in
> terms of data access. I guess that the changes to the VM would be pretty
> radical.
> Max
> On 14.01.2012, at 14:08, Guido Stepken wrote:
>> Why can't i take a SSD drive as Image? 2 GByte limit automatically falls?
>> Am 14.01.2012 13:10 schrieb "Milan Mimica" <milan.mimica at gmail.com
>> <mailto:milan.mimica at gmail.com>>:
>>     On 14 January 2012 12:13, Guido Stepken <gstepken at googlemail.com
>>     <mailto:gstepken at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>>         IS there still a "Image" neccessary in Smalltalk then? Or has
>>         this former "design approach" nowerdays rather significant
>>         disadvantages? (32 Bit, hanging IO during sync, GC....)
>>     As I see it, image is not something that has to reside in physical
>>     RAM, but it is necessary in Smalltalk.
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>>     Milan Mimica
>>     http://sparklet.sf.net <http://sparklet.sf.net/>

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