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> This method is for manage the event, not for do something that is really
> part of the model. A Form, no is part of the model. This is similar in VW:
> you coded your event handler method in the AplicationModel, that is like a
> Form in Delphi.

Delphi was a direct reaction to VB, which was eating Borland Pasal's lunch.
MVC was nowhere to be seen. It was all about "look how easy it is to do
[whatever]." Never "look how easy it is to re-use" or "look how easy it is
to maintain". I'm not a Basic basher, but the atmosphere surrounding it has
always been "Computer science is =haaaaarrd=. I just wanna program!"

You CAN do it right. But here I am (right now!) looking at a guy who's
encoded multi-hundred-line event handlers, that are massive if-then chains,
with code duplicated like crazy between the events.

Really, the "beauty" of the VB model is that you didn't HAVE to learn OO.
(And, hey, reality bears out that code quality and profit are not strongly

> No. The IDE automaticaly define a global variable and create code for
> create and assign a instance, but if you want more instances of same Form
> you can easy declare local variables and create new instance (on initialize
> of other instance or on the fly in accesor methods) and asign to. Same in
> Smalltalk.... And you can delete this automaticaly created code.

Sure. You can do a lot of things right. The underlying weakness is in the
static typing and poorly defined messaging. (I haven't tried FireMonkey
yet, though, it may be different.)

mmm no. Again, a Form is not part of model, idealy this is for write event
> methods handlers.

I'm glad you're following the ideal. I started using Delphi on the beta in
1994, and in the past 18  years, I've seen about two instances of the ideal
being properly followed in the real world (that I didn't write).

> In the Buttons you can use Actions for delegate the handler method of the
> click event. In general, you can assign method of a Form to events of
> controls in another Form, but I do not do often that becouse I only write a
> small code in the event handler in the Form for delegate to some model the
> work (DataModules).

Point is: Buttons then become inflexible pass-throughs. In Smalltalk what
you'd do is allow a component to be swapped for any other component if it
had the right handlers.

If you could lay out forms in Smalltalk and press a button to create a
lean, deployable version, I'd only use Delphi for CPU intensive tasks.
What'd be optimal is a Smalltalk (with some VA/Delphi influences) in a
browser with an overall approach like that of OPA or maybe Morfik (not
Morphic) so that front and back-end stuff was seamless. Smalltalk was born
for that.
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