[Pharo-project] Cloudfork on Pharo under GLASS??

Lawrence Kellogg mac.hive at me.com
Wed Jan 11 14:29:56 EST 2012

  I am in the process of moving my application over to GLASS. I had been developing using one-click Pharo with Cloudfork and all of my calls 
to the Amazon services were working correctly. 

  Now, I'm trying to do the same thing under Gemstone GLASS. I have loaded a bunch of the Cloudfork packages and 
I am able to instantiate an S3 bucket in Amazon but I am running into authentication problems when I try to create something in the bucket, due to missing pieces of the 
SHA1 class. Are there directions somewhere on how to set this up under GLASS? Has it been done before?

  Thanks for the help!


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