[Pharo-project] Bug in #pointsTo: ?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 06:16:08 EST 2012

> Of course, but I'd check for the class equality first, because it's faster
> (yeah, i know you turned off inlining of #class, but Cog doesn't care about
> that ;)).

Are you sure Cog doesn't care? I think it does. From what I can see in Cog
code the entry point to inline #class is from the bytecoodes. If you see
#(1 199 199 genSpecialSelectorClass needsFrameNever: notMapped 0). "not
mapped because it is directly inlined (for now)"

so if you use a the normal bytecode for #class then I think #class is not
inlined in machine code. At least from my tests I noticed that.


> Another thing that you should add (besides tests of course) is
> SmallInteger >> #pointsTo: which should return false. Also make sure that
> pointer tracing tools use #pointsTo:. In Squeak I found that some of them
> "reinvented" this method...
> Levente
>> cheers
>> --
>> Mariano
>> http://marianopeck.wordpress.**com <http://marianopeck.wordpress.com>

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