[Pharo-project] Smart bracketing annoyance

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Fri Jan 6 23:32:06 EST 2012

I am still coming to terms with the "smart" bracketing where pressing 
the open-round-bracket key also produces a close-round-bracket, but I'm 
working on adapting.  One thing that is ultra-annoying and that could be 
smarter is where for instance, being new to Smalltalk, I have got my 
round and square brackets mixed up preceding an ifTrue:.

So I highlight the open-round-bracket, press the open-square-bracket 
expecting it to be replaced (like every other system I've dealt with) 
and surprise* now I've got the original round-bracket surrounded by two 
new square-brackets.  If it instead found the matching 
close-round-bracket and changed both round-brackets to square-brackets, 
that would be cool rather than frustrating.

The same applies to trying to correct string quotes and comment quotes.

I hope that sounds reasonable and it would nice if it could be changed.

cheers, Ben

*surprise - not good for people new to the software you are trying to 

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