[Pharo-project] happy new year plus cogdroid news

Alain Rastoul alr.dev at free.fr
Thu Jan 5 19:58:36 EST 2012

> Some code for keyboard support has been written since, but maybe it
> was not included in the pre-generated apks. Once I add more features,
> I'll release another apk. And sources (on gitorious) are always there
> for those wanting to mess with Android build tools ;)
I didn't downloaded the NDK yet, just the SDK but I will get hands on it 
And if yu have an APK that I can download somewhere else than on the market, 
I am interested
(the ALT and CTL key missing are really painful, I use the blue/yellow 
button emulation but it is not cool)

> It would be nice if a smaller base Pharo image could be built such
> way, so it could be embedded with VM and distributed together.
I am not sure the image size  is really a problem  on a tablet ?
lot of games - angry birds game (free on android market ) for example- are 
about 30MB if I m right,
and the download from the market is no problem.
Are you talking of the splitting of the image because of resource size 
restrictions , as mentioned by andreas in his first post ?
(BTW a small image would be good too)

> I think Android takes care of it itself: once an application is
> invisible it is suspended automatically. Or did you notice any
> performance degradation?
I clearly had the feeling that the battery is going down faster when I use 
Pharo perhaps because not all Smalltalk processes are sleepng and so the vm 
never sleep ?
The UI morphic process make pauses of 20 ms when there is not event , I 
don't know for others processes (Timer event loop, Input events process).
I have to investigate

>> - interface to android content providers (audio, video, calendar data 
>> etc)
> Working on it ;) In fact, there is a (partial) interface to the intent
> system, so a home screen shortcuts can be added to start CogDroid with
> given image and startup arguments. Reading from Android clipboard has
> been committed to the HEAD (but there is no support via context menu
> yet).
Cool, if the clipboard vm primitives are ok, the System Clipboard class 
should work ?.



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