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Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Tue Jan 3 07:54:18 EST 2012

Esteban Lorenzano wrote:
> El 02/01/2012, a las 4:39p.m., David T. Lewis escribió:
>>> Real problem then is:
>>> we don't have a way  to get the executable name
>>> or
>>> getSystemAttribute: comment is wrong :)
>> On a unix VM, it answers the full path to the executable, which is
>> in agreement with the comment. For example:
>>  Smalltalk getSystemAttribute: 0 ==> '/usr/local/lib/squeak/4.7.18-2505/squeakvm'
>> Maybe is is more complicated for Mac, but wasn't there some discussion
>> about it on vm-dev a while back?
> I don't remember :)
> so, how can we solve this? of course, it is not a problem to make getSystemAttribute: 0 answer argv[0], but that's not the expected behavior... we can be making a mistake, because it should answer vm path, no vm fullName.
> I can add a 10XX number to answer vm full name, but that will lead to consistency problems inside the image... 
> I really don't know how to proceed :(
> Esteban

I am not sure of the semantics within Smalltalk, but within both Windows 
& Linux "full path" includes the filename.  Examples...

Linux `which` command [1]
    "...printing the full path when used from a script"
    > echo `which q2`

Windows Path.GetFullPath method [2]
    "Returns the absolute path for the specified path string."
    // GetFullPath('mydir') returns 'C:\temp\Demo\mydir'
    // GetFullPath('myfile.ext') returns 'C:\temp\Demo\myfile.ext'

 From browsing around it does seem harder on OSX to determine the path 
to the current executable [3,4,5,6] but I'm not qualified to comment.

cheers, Ben

[1] http://linux.die.net/man/1/which
[2] http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.path.getfullpath.aspx

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