[Pharo-project] roadmap

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Mon Jan 2 09:48:56 EST 2012


Lukas and Stefan (Marr) both raised the topic of the roadmap. From Lukas:
> This leads me to the question: Did anybody ever sketch an architecture
> of where Pharo should be heading to? I created a simplified one based
> on my own understanding of the current proposals: http://bit.ly/vpnAf1
> (Google Docs).

I think too that they have a point.

Stef answered:
> We should because we know where we want to go. 

I think that at the very least it is a communication issue. From outside it is unclear in what order should the efforts be spent. We have a ton of wishes, but not an understanding of where we want to get and how.

Please, let's discuss this roadmap. Not listing wishes, but actionable points.

I start with some questions:
- beside RB and Announcements, are there other things that could be problematic
- how do we approach the RB problem? Is it Ok to get it out of the image and have Jenkins build the Pharo distribution by loading the head?



"Sometimes the best solution is not the best solution."

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