[Pharo-project] Image input sensors blocked

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Jan 2 06:06:45 EST 2012

Something that we prepared since months one little step after the other is to be able to avoid polling events but to use a semaphore.
This is not use in image but can be activated using 

	InputEventSensor installEventSensorFramework

Remember that VisualWorks did that in 1998 :). 

Now we went over the 100 of Sensor direct references in the code and fix them. We should still analyze the ones that are left around 70. 
The idea is that sensor should not be invoked from Morphic since Morphic is handling VM event. So code that predates Morphic or that is outside morphic and that 
implement a loop can react strangely. 
So a lot of cleaning in perspective. Now on this road with fixed (not integrated yet) the raw VM event manipulation done at the border
between Morphic and none Morphic world. We are getting there. 

Now Janko I do not know. May be others will have ideas. 

	Try InputEventSensor installEventSensorFramework even if I do not see why this would change something. 

I will sit with igor this afternoon to check the bug we found because some events were blocked on a waitQueue.
The cool thing is that for this bug is that we can systematically crash our image. 


On Jan 2, 2012, at 11:33 AM, Janko Mivšek wrote:

> S, Stéphane Ducasse piše:
>>> There is opportunity for someone of you to finally catch this bug! My
>>> image is blocked again, but Aida is still working and my backdoor too :)
>>> So, I can run any code on image. 'Sensor startUp' didn't help, what can
>>> yet try? Last action was OSProcess related, can this be a problem, some
>>> sempahore related stuff?
>> Can you tell us which version you use?
> Pharo 1.3 13299
>> We faced a strange behavior related with event processing last week with igor.
>> May be tomorrow we will investigate what is happening.
>> But this is not related to OSProcess since we do not use it nor load it. 
>> For us, we could plug a completely new way to generate events, everything worked well 
>> HandMorph was using our new events, but a pop up would freeze to death the system.
> Ok, I'll wait one more day with this image blocked, then I want to
> continue with my work :)
> Any idea which command yet to try to unblock it? Maybe some restart of
> all input sensor stuff?
> Janko
>> Stef
>>> Even better, contact me privately to get access to this image via web
>>> and debug it by yourself.
>>> Best regards
>>> Janko
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