[Pharo-project] Image input sensors blocked

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Jan 2 05:33:49 EST 2012

S, Stéphane Ducasse piše:

>> There is opportunity for someone of you to finally catch this bug! My
>> image is blocked again, but Aida is still working and my backdoor too :)
>> So, I can run any code on image. 'Sensor startUp' didn't help, what can
>> yet try? Last action was OSProcess related, can this be a problem, some
>> sempahore related stuff?

> Can you tell us which version you use?

Pharo 1.3 13299

> We faced a strange behavior related with event processing last week with igor.
> May be tomorrow we will investigate what is happening.
> But this is not related to OSProcess since we do not use it nor load it. 
> For us, we could plug a completely new way to generate events, everything worked well 
> HandMorph was using our new events, but a pop up would freeze to death the system.

Ok, I'll wait one more day with this image blocked, then I want to
continue with my work :)

Any idea which command yet to try to unblock it? Maybe some restart of
all input sensor stuff?


> Stef
>> Even better, contact me privately to get access to this image via web
>> and debug it by yourself.
>> Best regards
>> Janko
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