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Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Sun Jan 1 18:23:16 EST 2012


On 1 Jan 2012, at 23:56, Lukas Renggli wrote:

>> To you, the current Pharo image is the Pharo Core and you are unhappy that it is too big (for example because RB is there).
> The size is the least problem.
> More annoying is that the code quickly gets out of sync and
> non-changes are added to the history. Both of these problems are
> already visible today.
> Additionally, over time people will change/add/remove features that
> get integrated without proper review. I just had a look at the
> announcement framework in Pharo 1.4 today, it is unbelievable how a
> tiny framework could degrade to a bloated, untested and dead slow pile
> of mud in just a few years :-(

I think your are unfair here. The new features might be untested (current coverage is at 56%), but the changes were meant to provide working weak announcements. And they do work.

But, what do you mean by slow? How did you benchmark it?

> Moreover, every generic framework included with the core will sooner
> or later introduce dependencies from random core packages. This only
> makes it harder to have a modular system. And people that want to use
> another refactoring engine (or another version thereof) are excluded,
> because existing code depends on the included version. Again look at
> where the announcements are used and how people work around to use
> their own implementation.

There is a point in here. But, as I said, I thought that the point is to produce the core by having jenkins strip away unwanted material. Of course, the other way would be to start from the core as a seed and have jenkins produce the current image.

>> p.s. I am happy that the competition pushes OB to get trees and resizable panes :)
> OB does not intend to compete with Glamour. OB only aims at a tiny
> subset of what Glamour tries to solve.

This was intended to be a joke. It deserved at least a "Happy New Year" :).


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