[Pharo-project] Marking methods

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Tue Oct 25 07:31:21 EDT 2011

>The problem with flagging is that you are modifying the source code, I'd
>prefer something provided by the IDE...

Yes I know that it modifies the source code. It was more a pointer
to how you can influence the icons.
Currently AFAIK the IDE has no "to do list" - but you can implement one.

You could provide an own OBCommand subclass to implement a
"toggle TODO" command for the OmniBrowser. Look at "OBCmdBreakpoint"
for an example.

If you dont want to modify the source/keep the info on the methods
itself you have to manage the todo list elsewhere - e.g. implement 
a ToDoList class with a default instance.
Depending on the entries you can show a different icon, ...


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