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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 04:57:39 EDT 2011

How to export and load shared pools ?
Here the black art I using for this.
I attach ObjectCompatibleENH.1 which I use for exchange some between Squeak,
Pharo and Cuis.
I like export what I need in Foo.obj form.
In this case the pool
In FunSqueak3.10alpha.7 Workspace type B3DEngineConstants and do inspect or
Navigate to classPool and inspect the dictionary.
In the code panel type self saveOnFileNamed: 'B3DEngineConstantspool'

Drag and drop the object into the FunSqueakCog4.3-11712-alpha, you see some
asking load object (twice, 3.10 only shows one , why ?)
Accept and you have a inspector on this object.
In the code pane type B3DEngineConstants classPool: self
Presto , your have the values you need and no nil when load the .cs for
first time.
Sure exists nicer ways , so I wish learn.

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