[Pharo-project] Status of ToolBuilder

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 16:31:23 EST 2011

>> I was kind of surprised that ToolBuilder is still part of Pharo.
> where?
> Because we removed it.

It is contained in the Polymorph packages in Pharo 1.3, but it missing
some and has additional other features compared to the version in

I was asking because OmniBrowser in Squeak is now using ToolBuilder,
the code works with a few changes in Pharo 1.3 too.

>> Are there any users? Are there any plans to update it to match the
>> version of Squeak? Is it encouraged to build UIs with ToolBuilder?
> no  :)
> We were brainstorming on valueHolder, Spec and UIBuilder a la VW with Benjamin and we got the
> conclusions:
>        Specs are cool because the same application Model can propose multiple spec

That has nothing to do with specs though, there are many other ways of
how multiple views can work with or provided by the same model.

In my experience specs often lack the necessary dynamics to build
useful UIs. So a lot of glue code is necessary to assemble the
different parts. In the end I find it more convenient to just use the
glue code (like in Seaside or ToolBuilder).

>        valueHolder are the building brick to be able to reuse the application model UI logic (and not just the UI widgets).

I do not understand that point.


Lukas Renggli

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