[Pharo-project] Re Please test Pharo 1.3!

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:19:37 EDT 2011

I tried to run pharo-1.3 image on windows using this VM:

and yes, it hangs (with 100% cpu load) on following:

0x19d00c M Semaphore>critical: 287877560: a(n) Semaphore
  0x19d028 M DelayWaitTimeout(Delay)>schedule 309700876: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x19d040 M [] in DelayWaitTimeout>wait 309700876: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x19d060 M BlockClosure>ensure: 309700996: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x19d07c M DelayWaitTimeout>wait 309700876: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x19d098 M Semaphore>waitTimeoutMSecs: 309171644: a(n) Semaphore
  0x19d0c4 M Socket>waitForConnectionFor:ifTimedOut: 309171620: a(n) Socket
  0x19d0e4 M Socket>waitForAcceptFor: 309171620: a(n) Socket
  0x19d108 M ZnMultiThreadedServer>serveConnectionsOn: 309170948: a(n)
  0x19d12c I [] in ZnMultiThreadedServer>listenLoop 309170948: a(n)
  0x19d14c M BlockClosure>ifCurtailed: 309171900: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x19d170 I ZnMultiThreadedServer>listenLoop 309170948: a(n)
  0x19d190 I [] in ZnMultiThreadedServer(ZnSingleThreadedServer)>start
309170948: a(n) ZnMultiThreadedServer
  0x19d1b0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 309171228: a(n) BlockClosure

so this is not a problem with VM, since it responding but something
with ZnServerYaddaYadda

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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