[Pharo-project] Re Please test Pharo 1.3!

Brian Tabone brian_tabone at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 28 12:35:22 EDT 2011

I ran the full test suite on Pharo 1.3 (one click image) on Win 7 64, and it appears that the image hangs up on a socket read. Below is some information from the F2 console window, I dumped stacks, processes, primitives, and socket info. The image does not respond to alt - . (no user interrupt window ever displays). Attached is a screenshot of the image where it hangs. The VM reports its version as:

Teleplace VM 1.0.15 (release) from Oct 4, 2010
Compiler: gcc 3.4.4 (cygming special, gdc 0.12, using dmd 0.125)

Sorry if this is a duplicate or known issue, just figured I should be on the safe side and report it.

-Brian T

  0x8fceec M [] in Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8fcf0c M BlockClosure>ensure: 474826064: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8fcf2c M Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8fcf48 M DelayWaitTimeout(Delay)>unschedule 474825444: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout

  0x8fcf60 M [] in DelayWaitTimeout>wait 474825444: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x8fcf80 M BlockClosure>ensure: 474825564: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8fcf9c M DelayWaitTimeout>wait 474825444: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x8fcfb8 M Semaphore>waitTimeoutMSecs: 473341640: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8fcfe4 M Socket>waitForConnectionFor:ifTimedOut: 473341616: a(n) Socket
  0x8fd004 M Socket>waitForAcceptFor: 473341616: a(n) Socket
  0x8fd028 M ZnMultiThreadedServer>serveConnectionsOn: 473340944: a(n) ZnMultiThreadedServer
  0x8fd04c I [] in ZnMultiThreadedServer>listenLoop 473340944: a(n) ZnMultiThreadedServer
  0x8fd06c M BlockClosure>ifCurtailed: 473341896: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8fd090 I ZnMultiThreadedServer>listenLoop 473340944: a(n) ZnMultiThreadedServer
  0x8fd0b0 I [] in ZnMultiThreadedServer(ZnSingleThreadedServer)>start 473340944: a(n) ZnMultiThreadedServer
  0x8fd0d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 473341224: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f7090 I ProcessorScheduler class>idleProcess 434630368: a(n) ProcessorScheduler class
  0x8f70b0 I [] in ProcessorScheduler class>startUp 434630368: a(n) ProcessorScheduler class
  0x8f70d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 458657424: a(n) BlockClosure

Printing all processes:
Process 0x1b568f6c priority 10
  0x8f7090 I ProcessorScheduler class>idleProcess 434630368: a(n) ProcessorScheduler class
  0x8f70b0 I [] in ProcessorScheduler class>startUp 434630368: a(n) ProcessorScheduler class
  0x8f70d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 458657424: a(n) BlockClosure

Process 0x1b617dec priority 50
  0x8f1090 I WeakArray class>finalizationProcess 434630788: a(n) WeakArray class
  0x8f10b0 I [] in WeakArray class>restartFinalizationProcess 434630788: a(n) WeakArray class
  0x8f10d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 459373840: a(n) BlockClosure

Process 0x1b6159c8 priority 60
  0x8f3fd8 M [] in Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f3ff8 M BlockClosure>ensure: 473703736: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4018 M Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4034 M Delay>schedule 459364884: a(n) Delay
  0x8f404c M Delay>wait 459364884: a(n) Delay
  0x8f4064 M InputEventPollingFetcher>waitForInput 435076220: a(n) InputEventPollingFetcher
  0x8f4090 I InputEventPollingFetcher(InputEventFetcher)>eventLoop 435076220: a(n) InputEventPollingFetcher
  0x8f40b0 I [] in InputEventPollingFetcher(InputEventFetcher)>installEventLoop 435076220: a(n) InputEventPollingFetcher
  0x8f40d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 459364588: a(n) BlockClosure

Process 0x19fbcaa4 priority 40
  0x8f4b6c M [] in Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4b8c M BlockClosure>ensure: 473745092: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4bac M Semaphore>critical: 451980788: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4bc8 M DelayWaitTimeout(Delay)>schedule 473744728: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x8f4be0 M [] in DelayWaitTimeout>wait 473744728: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x8f4c00 M BlockClosure>ensure: 473744848: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4c1c M DelayWaitTimeout>wait 473744728: a(n) DelayWaitTimeout
  0x8f4c38 M Semaphore>waitTimeoutMSecs: 473339724: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4c60 I NetNameResolver class>waitForCompletionUntil: 434630188: a(n) NetNameResolver class
  0x8f4c88 M [] in NetNameResolver class>addressForName:timeout: 434630188: a(n) NetNameResolver class
  0x8f4ca8 M [] in Semaphore>critical: 433798980: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4cc8 M BlockClosure>ensure: 473744680: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4ce8 M Semaphore>critical: 433798980: a(n) Semaphore
  0x8f4d0c M NetNameResolver class>addressForName:timeout: 434630188: a(n) NetNameResolver class
  0x8f4d38 I SocketStream class>openConnectionToHostNamed:port: 434657256: a(n) SocketStream class
  0x8f4d64 I ZnNetworkingUtils>socketStreamToHostNamed:port: 439484636: a(n) ZnNetworkingUtils
  0x8f4d84 M ZnNetworkingUtils>socketStreamToUrlDirectly: 439484636: a(n) ZnNetworkingUtils
  0x8f4da0 M ZnNetworkingUtils>socketStreamToUrl: 439484636: a(n) ZnNetworkingUtils
  0x8f4dc4 I ZnNetworkingUtils class>socketStreamToUrl: 436369344: a(n) ZnNetworkingUtils class
  0x8f4df0 I ZnUserAgent>openConnection 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4e1c I [] in ZnUserAgent>method:for:headers:data:limit: 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4e38 M BlockClosure>on:do: 473744280: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4e64 I ZnUserAgent>method:for:headers:data:limit: 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4e9c I ZnUserAgent>method:for:headers:data: 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4ecc I ZnUserAgent>delete:headers: 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4ef4 I ZnUserAgent>delete: 473719764: a(n) ZnUserAgent
  0x8f4f18 M [] in ZnUserAgentTests>testDelete 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f4f38 M BlockClosure>ensure: 473341072: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4f5c M ZnUserAgentTests>testDelete 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f4f74 M ZnUserAgentTests(TestCase)>performTest 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f4f8c M [] in ZnUserAgentTests(TestCase)>runCase 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f4fac M BlockClosure>ensure: 473340896: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f4fc8 M ZnUserAgentTests(TestCase)>runCase 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f4fe4 M [] in TestResult>runCase: 459609256: a(n) TestResult
  0x8f5000 M BlockClosure>on:do: 473340688: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8f5020 M TestResult>runCase: 459609256: a(n) TestResult
  0x8f503c M ZnUserAgentTests(TestCase)>run: 459672096: a(n) ZnUserAgentTests
  0x8f5058 M TestRunner>runTest: 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8f5074 M [] in TestRunner>runSuite: 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8f50ac M [] in OrderedCollection(Collection)>do:displayingProgress:every: 459609472: a(n) OrderedCollection
  0x8f50cc M OrderedCollection>do: 459609472: a(n) OrderedCollection
  0x8efb08 M [] in OrderedCollection(Collection)>do:displayingProgress:every: 459609472: a(n) OrderedCollection
  0x8efb2c M [] in ProgressInitiationException>defaultMorphicAction 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efb48 M BlockClosure>on:do: 472810620: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8efb70 M [] in ProgressInitiationException>defaultMorphicAction 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efb90 M BlockClosure>ensure: 472810484: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8efbb4 M ProgressInitiationException>defaultMorphicAction 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efbcc M MorphicUIManager>progressInitiationExceptionDefaultAction: 435697136: a(n) MorphicUIManager
  0x8efbe8 M ProgressInitiationException>defaultAction 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efc04 M UndefinedObject>handleSignal: 433782788: a(n) UndefinedObject
  0x8efc24 M MethodContext(ContextPart)>handleSignal: 460115692: a(n) MethodContext
  0x8efc40 M ProgressInitiationException(Exception)>signal 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efc58 M ProgressInitiationException>display:at:from:to:during: 472809788: a(n) ProgressInitiationException
  0x8efc84 M ProgressInitiationException class>display:at:from:to:during: 436259476: a(n) ProgressInitiationException class
  0x8efcb0 M ByteString(String)>displayProgressAt:from:to:during: 444517592: a(n) ByteString
  0x8efce4 M OrderedCollection(Collection)>do:displayingProgress:every: 459609472: a(n) OrderedCollection
  0x8efd08 M OrderedCollection(Collection)>do:displayingProgress: 459609472: a(n) OrderedCollection
  0x8efd38 I [] in TestRunner>basicRunSuite:do: 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8efd58 M BlockClosure>ensure: 472809576: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8efd7c I TestRunner>basicRunSuite:do: 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8efda4 I TestRunner>runSuite: 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8efdc0 M TestRunner>runAll 459541056: a(n) TestRunner
  0x8efde0 I PluggableButtonMorph>performAction 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efdfc M [] in PluggableButtonMorph>mouseUp: 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efe20 M Array(SequenceableCollection)>do: 459609112: a(n) Array
  0x8efe48 I PluggableButtonMorph>mouseUp: 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efe64 M PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>handleMouseUp: 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efe80 M MouseButtonEvent>sentTo: 459609072: a(n) MouseButtonEvent
  0x8efe9c M PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>handleEvent: 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efeb8 M PluggableButtonMorph(Morph)>handleFocusEvent: 459567968: a(n) PluggableButtonMorph
  0x8efee0 M [] in HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear: 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8efefc M [] in PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring: 435476532: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  0x8eff18 M BlockClosure>on:do: 459609020: a(n) BlockClosure
  0x8eff44 M PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring: 435476532: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  0x8eff68 M HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear: 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8eff90 M HandMorph>sendEvent:focus:clear: 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8effb4 M HandMorph>sendMouseEvent: 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8effd8 M HandMorph>handleEvent: 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8f0004 M HandMorph>processEvents 435026948: a(n) HandMorph
  0x8f001c M [] in WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor: 435645020: a(n) WorldState
  0x8f0040 M Array(SequenceableCollection)>do: 433796144: a(n) Array
  0x8f005c M WorldState>handsDo: 435645020: a(n) WorldState
  0x8f0078 M WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor: 435645020: a(n) WorldState
  0x8f0094 M WorldState>doOneCycleFor: 435645020: a(n) WorldState
  0x8f00b0 M PasteUpMorph>doOneCycle 435476532: a(n) PasteUpMorph
  0x8f00d0 I [] in Project class>? 435884876: a(n) Project class
435931716 s [] in BlockClosure>?

Process 0x1af0afd4 priority 80
  0x8f20b0 M Delay class>handleTimerEvent 434636128: a(n) Delay class
  0x8f20d0 I Delay class>runTimerEventLoop 434636128: a(n) Delay class
451980936 s [] in Delay class>startTimerEventLoop
451981172 s [] in BlockClosure>newProcess

Process 0x1b568da0 priority 60
  0x8f3090 I SmalltalkImage>lowSpaceWatcher 438033300: a(n) SmalltalkImage
  0x8f30b0 I [] in SmalltalkImage>installLowSpaceWatcher 438033300: a(n) SmalltalkImage
  0x8f30d0 I [] in BlockClosure>newProcess 458656964: a(n) BlockClosure

Printing recent primitives:
... (Lots of these from the recent primitives)

### Socket [3173c8]
    Handle: 264
    Type: 0
    State: 1
    Error: 0
    readSema: 5
    writeSema: 6
    connSema: 4
    Pending accepts: 0
    Read Watcher Op: 4
    Write Watcher Op: 0
    Close pending: 0
    In read select: 1
    In write select: 0
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